The Marantz CD6006 UK Edition wins a Best Buy Award from ‘What Hi -Fi?’

Oct 13, 2017

The Marantz CD6006 UK Edition has picked up yet another prestigious accolade, following in the steps of its predecessor and winning a Best Buy Award from ‘What Hi-Fi?’ in the What Hi-Fi Awards.

‘What Hi-Fi?’ said:

“Marantz is no stranger to producing fine-sounding CD players, and this new CD6006 UK Edition is yet another.

It’s based on last year’s Award-winning CD6006, but features numerous internal upgrades - headlined by improvements to the power supply for the digital-to-analogue circuitry and upgraded ELNA capacitors in sound-critical places. Externally it’s unchanged, bar a small badge on the front panel. Build quality remains class-leading, and this machine has a slickness in use that typically costs hundreds more to get.

Sound quality? It’s detailed, refined and dynamic, with enough in the way of refinement and natural warmth to make system-matching a breeze. We can’t think of a sub-thousand-pound player we prefer, which is really saying something when the CD6006 UK Edition weighs in at just £450.”

To read the full review from ‘What Hi-Fi?’ click here. Or, experience it for yourself at your local Marantz Stockist.